Make Beats Like Timbaland, Dr Dre and the top producers!

March 1, 2010

Website – www.musicproducerpro.net

A lot of people would like to know how Timbaland gets his tracks to sound so unique. While he is an amazing producer. One of the major keys to his success is his relentless search for new sounds. Timbaland uses a sound library that makes an amateur producer look like he is using a kids keyboard. To get the sounds that made Justin Timberlakes last two albums slam, you are going to have to look for synths or synthesizers. Two of Timbaland’s favorite are the Vanguard and a synth from Re FX. They were actually made popular by techno producers.

Don’t expect Timbaland to stay their for long though. While you may be able to make tracks like him, He got their first. Labels and publisher are looking for what will be hot in 2 or 3 years not now. If you are an artist, Google chasetrackmusic.com Their is an up and coming producer named Chase McMorrough that has producer some really hot Timbaland style beats, and he is still in the underground so you can get a track, although not for long, for only a couple thousand. We used one for one of our artist. It was the one that got her a deal.

Another great trick to get drums to hit harder is to layer your kick with another 1/32 off time, and change the attack to hard. It really make the beat jump. Hope fully this information was helpful to you. I am going to recommend some materials for you if you are just getting started or even already in the game.

For information please visit – www.musicproducerpro.net


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  1. Tha Doc is The Best.

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