Quick Steps To Getting An Internship With A Major Record Label

December 9, 2009

Website: www.musicproducerpro.net

Getting a internship at a Major Record Label may sound like something that is hard to do however it isn’t as hard as it seems. I am going to be blunt, it comes down to you producing what the listener wants to hear and what the record label wants to hear. You could be mega talented and could be able to do some crazy keys on the keyboard however you may not be what the record label is looking for however, if you ever got in front of a record label you do not want to make the mistake in playing them something that is not what they want to hear.

Learning what the listener wants to hear is the key to getting an internship in a major record label because if the listener does not what to hear it they are not going to buy it. So if they record label doesn’t feel it and they have years and years of experience, more than likely the listener is not going to feel it however you have to master the key to success in a major record label and that is learning how to make music for the listener.

You could be producing any genre of music because there is a market for everybody out there; it just has to be good enough. It could be that you do have the talent and are ready, however the industry isn’t ready or you could really need help producing music before your ready for major exposure. It all ties down to one thing, producing music that listener wants to hear.

For more information in producing music for the listener visithttp://www.musicproducerpro.net

Good luck getting an internship.


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  1. hey im interested into interning im attending fullsail university. major is music business contact me

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