What’s Better – Fruity Loops, Reason, Logic Pro Or Pro Tools

August 13, 2008

Website – www.musicproducerpro.net

Music Production Software is the first thing a new producer is looking for, it allows the producer to create music. The question i hear the most is what Music Production Software is the best? Fruity Loops (FL Studio), Reason, Logic Pro or Protools.

Fruity Loops

Fruity Loops is a great piece of software used from beginner producers to advanced producers. It’s rate highly due to the VST’s you can add, Fruity Loops doesn’t just stay within itself.. You can add so many things to it to make it a powerful music production workshop. Most professionals frown at fruity loops but believe me a hit record is produced in fruity loops everyday. Below is a website where you can find tutorials on how to use fruity loops.


Reason is properly my favourite because every single sample included in the software is perfect. Reason is normally used by producers that already have an idea of how to make music and advanced producers. The sound quality you can get out of reason is top notch and ready for radio play, it is recommended however you have to stay within reason. You cannot add VST’s and Plugins, however you can add samples to NNXT and Redrum. Below is a website where you can find tutorials on how to use Reason.

Logic Pro

Logic Pro is properly the most used music production software by Apple. It is used in almost every single record studio, it is the music industry standard piece of software. Saying that it is not the easiest to learn and master but the results are amazing. Logic allows you to produce music, add vocals and use VST’s and plug ins all within one single session so you don’t have to use multiple pieces of software to create a full track. Below is a website where you can find tutorials on how to use Logic Pro.

Pro Tools

Pro Tools is like Logic Pro. Industry standard. Pro Tools is normally used by producers that use instruments and hardware that require live recording to get sounds into the song. Pro Tools allows you to also like Logic do everything within one program, supports almost everything you throw at it. It is the worlds best but it also comes at a price and if you can afford it check it out, however don’t buy it for the name and expect to make hits. Below is a website where you can find tutorials on how to use Pro Tools.

I hope this helps you when picking your music production software.

Jefferson Baileyy

http://www.musicproducerpro.net – Online Tutorials on Music Production Software



  1. As far as music creation software goes, my personal favorite is Cakewalk’s Project 5. I’ve used Reason and FL, but I still come back to P5. It’s so user friendly and it’s open ended (you can use it with other types of software)It’s an excellent investment for beginners and pros alike.

  2. Yeah, I prefer Reason too. It is the first piece or hardware/software I’ve ever used that does not seem to lose it usefulness. The sound mastering capabilities are astounding; I can’t tell you how many top engineers in my city have asked me ‘at what studio do you record?’, only to tell them I record, mix, and master at home, on Reason 3.0. Do bear in mind that though it is only software, it is pushed by your computer’s CPU (duo core in my box), the same way any outboard digital compressor, limiter, gate, maximizer’s, (etc.) cpu works. If you read up, partake in forums, pick an engineer’s brain every now and then, you can do serious industry level stuff with Reason. Reason 3.0, 4.0 brings in the new millenium for home based guys like your man here, Timmy2Tymes. Peace, One!

  3. Great Site!!…..All software are just tools…..the skill of the person using the tool is what matters in my opinion.

    We have to take time to develop our skills. Skill as musicians, as engineers and as listeners.That’s where good music comes from.

    Lastly, if you give a professional artist a pencil, you’ll be amazed at what they can draw..Give that same pencil to a person with no skill at art and they draw stick figures. Both had the same tool. One had developed their craft. Choosing software is kind of like that. Practice your craft, gain knowledge and listen. It won’t matter what you use. Matter of fact, you might use all of these software depending on what goal you were trying to achieve.


  4. ive used reason and ive used fruity loops 8. i now use fruity loops 8. The problem with fl8 is that it makes things too acessible and it is easy to botch together a ‘track’ that will come out full of flaws but still look like a track. Reason’s learning curve means this is much harder to do. i.e. LEARNING to produce on Reason is probably more helpful. Once your where you wanna be though, i find fruity loops just as powerful as reason 4, it just takes a little know how how to get that ADVANCED functionality out of fruity loops. It is there however.

  5. I have a teenager that is musically gifted, he plays the guitar and sings. I would like to get him a lap top and program to develop this gift at whatever cost. Which of the programs and laptops would the absolute best? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Victoria, it really all depends on your budget! The most important piece is the laptop/desktop you are going to purchase because this is where all the processing power will take place. Then comes the other bits to record your teen’s sound.

    • Victoria, I just want to say, that your support of your teenager’s musical talent is amazing. He’s very blessed and lucky to have such a supportive mother. 🙂

    • Macbook and Logic pro.. big library and easy to record in.

  6. Reason, Fl Studio, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, MPC’s, Turntables, Guitars, ect. I use all of them. Their really isn’t a “best” tool. It all depends on what your trying to do. Each software/ instrument has it’s own strong points and weak points. This age old argument of which is better is like trying to compare Trucks, SUVs, Cars, and motorcycles. yes they all can take you places but to try and say one is better than the rest is being very narrow in your thinking. What matters most is what you are trying to accomplish at that point in time. This will determine which tool is better in that one particular instance. You also have to take into account the way you like to make your music.
    For example: when I’m sampling I use my turntable and record rough samples Pro tools. I then convert them to wav’s and use FL Studio to Stretch and loop and sometime add effects to them. Then I export them out of FL and send it to my MAC and import it to logic Pro where I rewire Reason and finish the beat. Sometime I just do it all in reason or FL Studio. It all depends on how I feel.

  7. I use fl studio love it to death then again i started off with samplitude which is a great program for beginners. Logic i have used in the studio and i dont see much difference between it and FL Studio.

  8. I used FL for so long, that it was hard to adjust to Reason. I still prefer FL.

  9. for a reply to victoria you should definately get him a macbook. the music capabilities on this laptop are amazing and easy to use. as far as software, logic studio for mac is amazing.

  10. i think fruity loops is…becuz if you kno how to use it and its mixer settings the possibilities are endless…most people dont like it cuz they don kno how to use it

  11. I used reason 4, sonar, n now I’m learning pro tools
    Reason is for make the instrumen, sonar for mixing n mastering.. Hw d u guys think?

  12. I’ve used all of the above. The one that was left out was cubase. It’s highly expandable and can be used to add live instruments to your midi tracks. My favorite hands down is Reason If you understand how to make music reason is for you. It gives you all the tools to be as creative as you like and for those who like to engineer thier own sounds nobody beats reason. Fruity loops is for beginners who don’t understand musical textures. However professional can use it also and make loops not sound like loops. Everything else is pretty much a recording program. If you want endless creativity learn your craft and choose reason.

  13. I agree with david . You can make music with 2 rocks and a stick if its in you.
    I’ve used reasons, FL, and logic. They all have there upsides. i guess the real question should be where are you trying to go. I you’re a DJ then you use what works for that. If you’re trying to do live shows then you use whats appropriate.
    I am just to pre-produce my art for sale in commercials, TV and Movies. I just bought Logic pro 9. Is that the right one? I think so, but one thing for sure. I’m gonna make it do what it do.

  14. Hi i’m an aspiring producer myself. fl studio 9 works well when u install asio sound drivers. they sound more professional than the sound driver that comes with your pc. fl however has a high cpu load and u get crackles. now i use reason and add some samples from fl and i think it’s perfect. what i need now is a studio sound card and a nice set of headphones.

  15. im now getting into producing cant afford a mac yet is abelton a simple and quality defined product

  16. Macbook and Logic pro… big library and easy to record in.

  17. To Victoria-

    You should get him/her an Apple Mac with Logic Pro installed..
    Its the best choice.

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