Music Producer Pro – Full Review

April 23, 2010

Let’s be honest. The number of music production software that are being rushed into the market have made the air very dusty which has blurred the vision of people looking for the perfect software. There are two ways which can help you find the right software for producing music. One way is to try out each and every program that is available. The second is to read reviews.

Many companies hire people to write ‘oh-this-product-dropped-from-the-heavens’ reviews; easily misleading people into making wrong choices. The two factors which will help you find an honest and unbiased review is your judgment and your luck. I am writing this review according to the way I see Music Producer Pro. You can take. You can leave it. The choice is obviously yours.

Now let us see if Music Producer Pro stands up to its name.

Upon seeing the interface when I ran the program on my computer for the first time, it was nice to know that there are some sensible software engineers out there to whom it’s just not about slapping the program in the face of the user. A neat and concise layout set a welcoming tone for further exploration of the software. After spending a minutes, thirty-five to be more precise, I was effortlessly and directly able to find which ever option I wanted. In other words I did not have to click the drop down boxes here and there to find what I was looking for.

Secondly, a library of tutorials and information is available. Surprisingly there were many tutorials that were not about Music Maker Pro but about the art of making production. These are available in both visual and written formats. I would not be exaggerating if I told you that the total size of these tutorials by far surpasses the actual size of many music production programs added together. These detailed and easy-to-follow tutorials help to hit the ground running in the field of music production.

The Pros:
The cost of the program was as much as I would spend if I went out to eat alone. The day when I purchased the program, I went out for a nice lunch to celebrate the fact that I got the program so cheap! You also have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Music Producer Pro, unlike many other music production software, supports many genres of music. Whether you are into hip-hop, rap or rock, this software can help you do that very well.

The Cons:
The sad thing is that if I do not point out at least two bad things, readers will be like “Oh this review is so biased!” For the benefit of these people, I will force out a negative point. Music Producer Pro would need you to upgrade your computer if your ram is less than 512 Megabytes and if your processing power is less than 2 GHz. The modern day computers mostly go beyond the minimum specifications mentioned here.

The Final Word:
In conclusion, I would recommend Music Producer Pro to any one looking for good music production software. I would rate it 4 stars out of 5, keeping the pessimists in mind. I hope this review helps you in purchasing the right program to set you on your way to musical stardom!


Music Production Software Exposed – What The Top Producers Use!

April 21, 2010

Website: www.musicproducerpro.net

I don’t know if you all are aware but some of the biggest rappers are now rapping on FL Studio beats. Jay Z kicked it off with 9th Wonder. Then came Franchise Boys, Crime Mob, & Soulja Boy on FL Studio. And now Drake’s producer Boi 1da who made “Forever” with Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem is repping FL Studio.

I personally started off with hardware (MPC 2000XL / Motif) then i gradually moved to software. I think with everyone scrambling for Soulja Boy & Boi 1da’s beats now FL Studio is finally getting the Co-Signs that it needs to be a real force in “High End” music production and not just for bedroom producers & amatuer hobbyist.

I post this just to give yall a FYI on what’s going on and in no way am i telling you to use FL Studio if you want to make hot beats. I use all kinds of beat makng software & sequencers and there is no “magic hit maker” out there. You must learn your craft & study the game and it doesn’t matter if you rocking Hardware or Software. Hot Beats are Hot Beats, plain & simple.

The purpose of this post is to show how software only producers are finally being taken serious. FYI – Even Dr. Dre is rocking Reason now.

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Major Labels Are Looking For Interns .. Get Your Place!

April 18, 2010

Website: www.musicproducerpro.net

Getting a internship at a Major Record Label may sound like something that is hard to do however it isn’t as hard as it seems. I am going to be blunt, it comes down to you producing what the listener wants to hear and what the record label wants to hear. You could be mega talented and could be able to do some crazy keys on the keyboard however you may not be what the record label is looking for however, if you ever got in front of a record label you do not want to make the mistake in playing them something that is not what they want to hear.

Learning what the listener wants to hear is the key to getting an internship in a major record label because if the listener does not what to hear it they are not going to buy it. So if they record label doesn’t feel it and they have years and years of experience, more than likely the listener is not going to feel it however you have to master the key to success in a major record label and that is learning how to make music for the listener.

You could be producing any genre of music because there is a market for everybody out there; it just has to be good enough. It could be that you do have the talent and are ready, however the industry isn’t ready or you could really need help producing music before your ready for major exposure. It all ties down to one thing, producing music that listener wants to hear.

For more information in producing music for the listener visithttp://www.musicproducerpro.net

Good luck getting an internship.


Music Producer Pro – Music Production Tutorials In HD

April 17, 2010

Website: www.musicproducerpro.net

Music Producer Pro is just one of the numerous music production programs out there. It’s a highly reputable online workshop that contains a vast amount of downloadable audio & video tutorials, which are updated regularly. For a flat-fee, you get unlimited access, with no recurring fees. Additionally, the workshop also includes an online beat maker, as well as industry listings that you can use to contact record labels to have them check out the music you’ve created.

The program teaches you professional music production & recording techniques, as well as how to play a good number of instruments that are commonly used (such as guitar, piano, bass, & drums). The easy-to-follow tutorials are great for both newbies as well as advanced level producers. You can learn to produce all types of music, which include rap, hip hop, rock, & techno. Furthermore, besides production & recording, the workshop goes into mixing & mastering, as well as songwriting, & sampling techniques. The workshop’s instructor, Jay Dynasty, has a very deep understanding of music, technology and the music production industry.

What’s great about Music Producer Pro, is that you’d probably end up learning the same things about music production that a student at a music production college would. Music production is becoming more & more popular, and lots of different colleges are providing programs for it. But with this online workshop, you can get that same knowledge you’d get from those colleges without having to go through the inconveniences of time scheduled classes & expensive tuitions. The workshop gives you all the knowledge. You just decide how & when you want to take in that knowledge. This program is gaining popularity, because lots of people are wanting to learn how to make beats on their own at home & hope to become famous through the music they’ve created, in the same way that Soulja Boy did. Music Producer Pro is great for anyone who is thinking about getting serious with their music.

For more information visit www.musicproducerpro.net


Get Famous Making Music At Home & Start A Career

April 17, 2010

Website: http://www.musicproducerpro.net

Starting a career in music production is something that has to be mastered and has to be taught. You cannot be naturally born knowing everything, knowledge and power in the world is taught to you and I am going to tell you many ways you can learn how to build a career in music production. Let’s start with the creative side of music production and where it all begins.

Music Production Software is where all the fun begins, Music Production Hardware is all part of it but generally speaking I am going to use the term Music Production Software. You will need this to create your music, and however you may start learning (through fruity loops, reason etc) but ultimately you will need to end up using industry standard music production software such as Pro Tools or Logic Pro. This will give you the freedom to move around different record studios. Check the link below for more information

The Music Production Equipment (Hardware) you use is just as important as the music software. Your production equipment could be your midi keyboard, microphone, digital keyboard (Triton, Yamaha etc), mixing desk, audio interface or many other different types of equipment. Learn to use them with the music production software because without the software it’s going to be hard to mix all the audio together to get a great mix. Invest in good quality equipment and the results you will great out of your music will be amazing – There are guides at the bottom of the page – follow the link.

Building up your knowledge for a career in Music Production is critical, so ensure you watch online Music Production Tutorials. They will give you everything you need to know production wise, you will be learning some of the same production methods as many established producers.
Anyone that may be more advanced than you get Music Production Tips from, it’s always good to learn and take on advice.

I wish your Career in Music Production to be amazing and you reach to the top.

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Making Your Hit Record Using Autotune (Get Famous)

April 16, 2010

Website – www.musicproducerpro.net

When it comes to what is popular in any chart weather it be pop, rnb, hip hop, rock .. anything! Auto Tune always seems to be the thing that gets these people these hit records and why.. it’s not exactly them singing is it.. so why are you not doing what they are doing to make some hit records and take over the world. If rappers like Drake can make a few songs using Autotune and is now looked at like he can actually sing.. i would say jump on the bandwagon.. it’s what the listener wants to hear that counts when it comes to making hit records, if your making music for yourself and don’t want to sell out this article won’t help you.

Autotune is a tool that was created many years ago and only a few artists like Zapp & Roger were using it on tracks like computer love. But now it’s used like mad to create hit records that teens are buying.. downloading and sharing with friends. Face it! Look in the charts.. at least 7 of the top 10 records use Autotune and why.. because it SELLS! Kanye West made a whole album using Autotune and went to number 1 with it.. it’s something that you cannot avoid!

How do you use Autotune? Well it’s basically you trying hit the note you want to and trying to hold it, you will need some kind of singing skill if you actually want it to be perfect but a mistake here or there the listener wouldnt even notice. Use some compression and echo or something and your good to go! It’s as simple as that.. the next step. Finding the lyrics for the song.. Autotune doesn’t do it all for you lol.

If you would like to learn how to use Autotune, please visitwww.musicproducerpro.net


Music Production Tutorials & Help For Newbie/Dummies

April 16, 2010

Website: www.musicproducerpro.net

Don’t get sit there about think about making music, or try making music when you don’t have a clue. Get help and learn how to produce music correctly, you need to advance as quickly as possible and keep high consistent music coming out everyday. You need to get a myspace and build up a fan base, sell your music yourself and be an independent artist as much as you can be to be noticed by the major record companies. I want you to make it so take my advice and do the above, it will only benefit you and in the long run if you take it seriously.

Producing is something you can learn in your spare time and is something that can be very profitable, you can make hundreds a day just producing music and putting them for sale on the net. A few of my friends to this and make hundreds every single day before they consistently make good music and maintain a good reputation. This is the same image that you want to mirror to become a known artist, you want to put out music regularly and build a fan base. Build a name for yourself, a brand, something you could take to a fashion label and say I want to make some clothing with you or even aftershaves. Look at what the major artists are doing in the fashion world and believe that can be you, you could be up on that poster in times square if you put in enough work. Consistently putting out good quality music is the key.

The best way to learn is always to be taught when it’s something so creative, well taught to a certain level and then left to be creative. You need to find out how to use music production software and learn how you can use it to express and create hit records for the world. Start today producing music properly today, find somebody that can help you and push you to make that music consistently. Someone that will tell you when your standards are dropping or growing, someone that can teach you about sampling and looping, mixing and mastering, Everything you need to know about the music studio.

For Information Visit http://www.musicproducerpro.net

Good Luck